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Mahesh Metal – Plate Flange Manufacturer and Supplier

Being a flat and circular disc welded to a pipe’s end point, a plate flange is used to join two separate pipes each other through a bolted process. Plate flanges are also called as flat flanges, plain flanges and flange slips that you can get delivered according to your requirement. Depending on your requirement, you can choose two plate flanges that are bolted with a gasket in between the end points with a flange.

Mahesh Metal is a trusted and bespoke Plate Flange Manufacturer and Supplier, exporting a broad range of flanges to different parts of the world. We request you to send a mail or fill in online query form as per your requirement and we ensure you will get the best range of flanges delivered right to your address after customs clearance and other formalities required to complete.

We are the leading Plate Flange Supplier offering you the best models with complete user guide.