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Mahesh Metal India is one of the main providers of various sorts of Threaded Rods which are utilized by huge industries, corporations, and different industries. Mahesh Metal India uses substances with precision and manufactures Threaded Rods for our customer’s use. We manufacture Threaded Rods in distinct parts of India. We deliver our wide variety of nuts in India and export everywhere in the globe.

Forms of Threaded Rods – Threaded Rods manufacturer dealer provider and Exporter in India

Full Threaded
end-stund-thread MANUFACTURES

Threaded On End

zink-plated-stuband. MANUFACTURES

Plated Wink Zinc

threaded-road mANUFACTURES

Simple Threaded

Threaded Rods Details – Manufacturer of Threaded Rods Dealer Supplier And Exporter in India

Threaded Rod is a fastener this is additionally called ‘Studs’. The Threaded Rods are extended rods that can be threaded on both ends of the rod. The Threaded Rods’ threading can be threaded of the Threaded Rods. Threaded rods are of different sorts and the threading might also vary depends on its use and design. Mahesh Metal India is a manufacture & producer of  BoltsScrewsNutsWashersThreaded Rods, and other Fasteners that ultimate longer and are corrosion resistant. Mahesh Metal India company is likewise the main exporter of BoltsScrewsNutsWashersThreaded Rods, and other Fasteners. All our Threaded Rods fasteners meet the International Quality standards requirements(IQS) and may be used everywhere.

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Threaded Rod Use

  • Industrial And Many Other
  • Pipeline
  • Paper miil
  • Suger cane factory
  • Furniture
  • Building
  • Constuction
  • Farm Application
  • Automobiles
  • Lifting Application
  • Evelators
  • Bridges
  • Light Poles

Threaded Rods design

Threaded rod has an extensive form of designs. relying on the usage of the Threaded Rods the threading is designed. The motive of those designs is that the Threaded Rods are useful updated the material/products. for instance in some instances the Threaded Rods are threaded just in the center of the rod, such rods are ‘Threaded Rods’. every Threaded Rod has a one-of-a-kind specification and layout. each Threaded Rods even have a different use for which they’re designed.

Mahesh Metal India is a Mumbai, Maharashtra-based updated manufacturer, provider Exporter, and supplier of the complete extensive variety of Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws, Threaded Rods. The mahesh metal Indian establish in the year 2001 and is pleasant best-rate steel Fasteners and Rivet guns that encompass exclusive kinds of metallic Bolts, metallic Nuts, metal Washers, and metal Threaded Rod.

Different Types of Threaded Rods Finishes

  • Plain Finish
  • No Coating, also called natural color.
  • Zinc Plated
  • Thicker coating of zinc provides higher resistance.
  • Got Dipped Galvanized(HDG)
  • HDG is a process in which bolts are submerged into molten zinc.

Mahesh Metal India is leading manufacture of Threaded Rods Exporters than the two hundred+ nations.

Mahesh Metal India offers Threaded Rods and different requirements. we are a manufacturer, provider, supplier, and exporter of Threaded Rods and different Fasteners. We export threaded rods to more than 100+ countries. With our office in India, we’ve got accomplished more popularity and completed goal. We believe in fine services and products. Mahesh Metal India organizations are leading Threaded Rods Fasteners manufacturer, dealer, exporter in India.

Mahesh Metal India agrees within offering the satisfaction updated of Threaded Rods Fasteners stock for our clients full of complete dedication. We use MS (Mild Steel), SS (stainless steel), Brass, Copper, and so on. as heat substances stock Threaded Rods Fasteners. We rent the third inspection to make sure the great of the goods on numerous parameters like strength, sturdiness, and dependable performance.

Mahesh Metal India is leading manufacturer of threaded road, supplier, provider and exporter in more than 100+ countries.

Mahesh Metal India carries a full line of metal Threaded Rods Fasteners. Fastener Products like bolts, Nuts, Screws, Washers, are manufacture in Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Duplex metallic, and other grades. We were a hit in handing over updated numerous commercial segments that include Chemical, Petrochemical, Engineering, etc besides others.

All our Threaded Rods Fasteners meet worldwide International Quality Standards standards (IQS).

Our goal is to provide with best products at a competitive price and while required. Specializing in the manufacturing of trendy fasteners as stock updated specification/ drawings. Our variety of products satisfies each exacting Engineerings want. The goal is updated no longer just do matters right, but finding methods of doing work better.

Mahesh Metal India is main Fasteners manufacturers in India and Indian cities and states.

Mahesh metal India leading manufacturers of threaded rods, producers of bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and different fasteners and rivet equipment in most Indian cities. Mahesh Metal India our increasing income and call for fasteners we’ve opened our sales offices and warehousing centers in fundamental metro up in and out of India. Mahesh Metal India presently has our offices in more than 15 Indian States and more than 30+ Indian Manufacture Of threaded rods. We additionally supply our fasteners updated other Indian cities updated now not mentioned under.


All Threaded Rods Fasteners are up to date examined. we’re ISO 9001:2018 licensed enterprise.

Each and every Threaded Rods Fastener delivered below the call of quality firms has been exclusively synthetic in India using the maximum generation. time-tested, and professional assets. At Mahesh Metal India we remember that is feasible best when excellence is upheld at each degree of the method. We agree with in standing as much as challenges for higher product performance and services.

Manufacture Of Threaded Rods, producer, supplier and Exporter of Bolts, Nuts, Screw, Washers and Threaded rods in the following countries


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