Manufacture Of Nylon Bolts

Mahesh Metal India is a Manufacturer Of Nylon Bolts since 2001, We use advanced technology in Manufacturer so Tee-Hammer Head.

We Mahesh metal India is the leading Manufacturer Of Nylon Bolts with highest export capacity from India to international boundaries and supplying Nylon Bolts to the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Netherland, Qatar, Italy Canada, France, China, Australian are country which imports our Nylon Bolts in highest Quantity.

At Mahesh Metal India are specialized in Nylon Bolts are all customer is happy with our Nylon Bolts, you can contact us anytime for you inquire regarding Allen Hex Bolts we will be happy to give you the quotation and we will be the best supplying partner of your company.

Manufacture Of Nylon Bolts

Manufacture Of Nylon Bolts And Its Usages

  • Nylon Bolts are used in Industrial And Many Other
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Pipeline Nylon Bolts are used in Papermill
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Sugar cane factory
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Furniture
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Building
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Construction
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Farm Application
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Automobiles
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Lifting Application
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Elevators
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Bridges
  • Nylon Bolts are used in Light Poles

Nylon Bolts Information

Nylon Bolts are mainly used for industrial purposes but due to the increase in demand of Nylon Bolts household purpose, many retailers and stockholders have also kept Nylon Bolts for fast supply to the direct customers.

Mainly percentage Nylon Bolts has higher demand in the international market, however, we are also leading Manufacturer of Nylon Bolts and also products like.

Manufacturing of Nylon Bolts Included:

Drawing of Nylon Bolts, Heat Treatment, Wire Drawn, Cold heading, Surface plating of Nylon Bolts, packing you Nylon Bolts with high-Quality Inspection and last delivery of Nylon Bolts.

We are a well-known Manufacturer of Nylon Bolts and also supplying more than 150+ countries. Nylon Bolts are Manufacturer in such a way that the threaded part can smoothly fit in any threaded material. Our manufacturing technique is very advance which creates efficiency in the manufacturing process and provides you with the best Nylon Bolts. We also Manufacturer custom products according to your drawing or sample provided by your company.

Mahesh Metal India is the leading Manufacture Of Nylon Bolts

Mahesh Metal India is the leading Manufacture Of Nylon Bolts by providing high-quality Nylon Bolts in the international market we are the leading Manufacture Of Nylon Bolts in India and the leading exporter of Nylon Bolts in the foreign region. We also provide Nylon Bolts in your brand name so it creates a good impression among our customer clients. By making friendly relation with all customers we are proud to become representative of many customers in trust and reliable suppliers



Why buy Nylon Bolts from us?


  • Fast Delivery
  • Best Quality
  • Large and Small Order we Accept Both.
  • High Service
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  • Customer Relationship


We Mahesh Metal India provide our customers with world-class facilities so they can go through their work smoothly. We provide samples, reports, MTC, Manufacturer Nylon Bolts or any other products like nuts, bolts, screw, washers, and threaded rods according to with the drawing which client provides, we have a huge stock of  boltsnutswashersscrews, threaded rods and rivet equipment’s and rivet equipment’s which lead to fast delivery.

We Manufacture our Nylon Bolts with high-quality material from Indian and European mills which lead to high-quality production resulting in the best quality Nylon Bolts.

Mahesh Metal India has registered our brand in the eye of our customers which was possible by providing the best services to our products. Customer relationships are very important when it comes to business and especially in the manufacturing and export business. If you have any requirement regarding our product don’t hesitate to contact us we will 24 X 7 available four are a valuable customer.

Frankly, all our customer relations are like friends.

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